In the last few months, I sort of dropped off from updating posts and such. I was definitely out and about tasting curiously around Seattle- but I also was preparing for the biggest move in my life. Long story short, I got up and moved to Italy. Or at least I will try to. I always dreamed of one day living in Italy for more than just a few months as I had done in the past and now I discovered an opportunity of a lifetime to help me get started on that desire. I have been taking food and wine pairing courses at South Seattle Community College (Northwest Wine Academy) and I applied to a summer program in Italy (that my school works with for “study abroad”) to do a course on Italian Wines which also includes a hands-on internship. So here I am, in Italy, about to study wine from the masters themselves and attempt to follow my dream to live here. It’s pretty lofty, but what’s the point of living if we don’t follow our desires?

I have been in Germany for the last week and finally arrived in Piedmont which is a sort of hub for all things ‘Slow Food’. And let me tell you, I feel like a kid in a candy store- but in addition to candy imagine 3 euro wine (Piedmont DOCG stars like Barbera, Dolcetto, Arneis, etc) by the liter, buttery burrata , delicious salumi by the kilo and for less than any deal you can try to groupon our way into.

Pictures and posts to come- stay tuned to Curious Abroad. Salute!

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