Piadina Tartufato- by yours truly

La Piadina is a wonderful thing. What it is IS an Italian flatbread made of flour, lard (or olive oil), salt and water and stuffed with 2-3 ingredients- usually a meat, cheese and a veg. In Emilia Romagna, where la piadina romagnola originates, you will find piadinerie that make the flatbread fresh (even with little charred blots on) and stuff it with local cheeses, prosciutto and fancy sauces (truffle cream upon request!!!).

What I love about piadine is that they are EASY. And if you have the right tastes and imagination- they make the best dinner finger food ever.

In the summer, I love playing around with fruit in savory meals. And the one you see above is filled with: late summer figs, prosciutto cotto (divine and silky), BURRATA (mozzarella in crack form), black truffle salsa and grilled eggplant. Not pictured: drizzled aged balsamic.

INGREDIENTS: (basically)

piadina flatbread…store-bought, bakery made or home-made with a recipe.

grilled sliced eggplant medallions


burrata cheese OR ricotta with white truffle oil mixed in

black truffle sauce

HIGH QUALITY prosciutto cotto from the deli counter (NOT PREPACKAGED!!)

and love.


pile all your goodies, grilled and sliced, onto a flatbread and lay into a large pan and let the bread sort of toast and cheese melt a couple minutes…

Fold. Slice as you would a quesadilla and devour!

Wine Pairing Suggestion:

A Sémillion (French), Sauvignon Blanc (Tuscan or Tyrollean) or some sort of rich french-style white would be perfect to hold up to all the fat and umami. A red would steal the spotlight.

The exact wine paired with this piadina was: Podere Sassaia by Petreto in Tuscany.

Yours in culinary delight,

Curious Appetite

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