Hello, curious readers! I thought I’d give you all a little update and news about all the happenings over at the curious “headquarters!” As you may or may not know, I am currently in Seattle counting down the days until I can prance around my chianti wonderland of Florence again! While I am counting down, I am up to some no good food business. Well, maybe not “no good” but some goodies are in the works.

1stly- I’d like to let all my readers know that I am now on Facebook! Let’s stay connected! Why? Well, there I post more live updates and share articles about Italy whenever possible. Pictures and postcards are a given. If I find a deal, a new restaurant, a shiny new blog or some travel tips- my facebook page will be the first to see it. Come on over! http://www.facebook.com/curiousappetite

For all things food and Italy!

2ndly…any foodporn chasers out there? I have a pretty active instagram feed, too. If you are curious how I see Seattle, I post shots of the city as well. Just in case you’re just dying to understand Seattle and why it is the fastest growing city in America! Follow up! http://www.instagram.com/curiousappetite

Our city of Seattle- seen through my instagram lenses;)

In Florence, I was leading walking food tours of the city. In Seattle, I am pretty much doing the same thing. I am currently giving wine tours in Woodinville, food tours of Pike Place Market and dinner + drink crawls in Belltown for a couple of pretty amazing tour companies. It’s another reason to like my facebook page- I usually post pictures from the day of touring and if you can’t make it over to Seattle for a tour- you can live vicariously through the scenes:)

If you are or will be in Seattle, I will be giving wine tours and walking food tours through the winter until I head back to Florence. The wine tours are completely escorted in fancy shiny cars  (let me drive you around while you drink the best wines that Washington makes!) so don’t worry about needing to brave the cold. And the walking tours? Well, we have many pit-stops that are nice and toasty. In any case, these will be fun activities to keep from going hungry (or bored) this fall and winter in Seattle.

If you would like to tour with me in Seattle, contact me! I’ll send you more links and booking forms.

Another piece of news is that thanks to the networking power of FoodportunityI just started working with the Pike Place Market and their new Atrium kitchen! Come join me for a market tour and cooking demo in late October. This culinary event at the Pike Place Market will demonstrate farm-to-table cooking with Tuscan Gnudi while tasting though the Pike Place Market.

Fresh, homemade gnudi from a cooking class I assisted  with regularly in Florence, Italy.

In Late October, I will be taking folks to taste through the markets and meet the best purveyors of the Pacific Northwest bounty and follow up with a hands-on cooking demo (and light lunch) of these Tuscan Gnudi! Tickets can be purchased through Brown Paper Tickets here: http://bpt.me/870711

In early November, I will be offering another food event but instead of Gnudi we will make fresh tagliatelle pasta from scratch! Tickets and information for the November date can be found here:   http://bpt.me/870727

10% of the ticket proceeds goes towards the Pike Place Market Foundation. Hope to cook and taste with you this Fall at the market!

Well- that’s it! Hope to see you in the social media world, on a tour or at my food event with Pike Place Market!

For the love of good news,
Curious Appetite

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