The ocean of restaurants in Seattle collided and faded into a background of white noise when the delicate chef Renee Erickson behind the Walrus and The Carpenter came upon the very critical dining scene in Seattle.

As I previously documented, my heart melted at first slurp of their bright, meaty zingy local oysters and the most memorable steak tartare of my life. Even throughout my eating adventures in Italy, nothing could erase my raw food memories of this Walrus, just like the elephant that never forgets.

The latest baby from this beloved foodie creature is one heck of a whale. And pitted against another Seattle restaurant sweetheart, Joule, rests the winner located just steps past the Fremont canal: The Whale Wins. Indeed she does.

Picked vegetables speckled in tangy mustard seed, hot mamma peppery date mostarda and a soft, ash rind slab of savory chevre-like cheese, happy brothy clickity clank meaty clams with bits of sweet buttery corn, the best (THE BEST) moist, juicy half roast chicken tucked over a puree of apple cream and a side of her boiled daughter….and alas yet another heart melting tartare of lamb with a caper and olive oil mesh. All perfectly noshed with a bottle of french rose’.

It goes without saying that local purveyors are showcased with style and seasonal grub is sourced to a precious T making this Whale a slow food winner.

Service so perfect, I could leave Seattle forever with the sweetest taste in my mouth. Graceful. Tasteful. Not overbearing. Not tearing out plates from under us the second the last bite appears on the scene. And not to mention with a gorgeous ginger beard to match. (Yes, I may be one of the few women on earth who melt for the gingers) This, Seattle, is a restaurant worth every one of your fanciful trendy dining pennies.

Please note that for the dessert- please place your bets on the chocolate rich moist yet slightly crumbly brownie with a sort of English clotted cream sauce and to steer away from the coconut panna cotta and table grapes. Unless you want to pretend you’re having something healthy for dessert but with the same amount of fat and calories.

Enjoy, nonetheless.

Pickled beets of my heart
Lamb Tartare with raw, silky egg. Raw flavor!
The best half chicken…ever. Crispy fried capers atop completes this whale of flavor

In love for my quality eating city,

Curious Appetite

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