People ask a lot: Where can I get a good steak, stellar red meat and the famous “Bistecca Fiorentina” in Florence? Well, there are a few good places. But one that always comes to mind is…Perseus.

This place is a trip in itself. It feels like I went back to the 80’s even though I only knew what that was like in the womb or running around tormenting my older sister as a scary, awkward burger obsessed toddler. Did I just date myself? Yes, I did. A young foreign woman in Italy talking about food, at that.  

There is something so bizarre here, so unrealistically Tuscan that all I can do is soak in the experience and hang on and hope that no one hears my foreign accent. You may feel like the only foreigner in this place, albeit being only a rock throw away from the walls of the historical center. I’ve read about this on Italian food blogs, I’ve heard it whispered about amongst Florentines, but never had I dared to enter in alone or even with one other. Perseus is a family-style eating affair. You’re going to want to round up a group and split a massive steak and several appetizers. You’re going to want to eat vegetarian the day before and a few days after. Your arteries are not going to be happy that I recommended you gorge on gorgeous red meat here.

Just a plate of swine, fat and salt. Delicious.

This goes on my list for authentic Tuscan trattorias. The cool part about Perseus is that it’s quite roomy and not one of those knock your elbows against each other. The decor is never dull and you can get stuck staring at everything all night, but you won’t because you’ll be too busy ripping your teeth into something like this:

Tagliata AKA sliced. grilled. sirloin.

Grassy, earthy meaty grilled, sliced steak (tagliata) wrapped in Lardo di Colonnata which sounds like lard but it’s really a pure fat salumi cured in marble vats. Crushed by this carnivorous festa was some frilly peppery arugula. I’m sure those frilly arugula leaves acts as a fat scrub for your innards.

Definitely not for vegans.

Final note- I need to go back. I am hesitant to say that this steak was completely satisfying. The meat quality left little impression and I was torn between the salty texture of the lard and the chewiness of the meat. I felt like the meat could have been slightly more tender. The crostini were a bit mushy and on not the most noble slabs of bread. Again, I enjoyed the communal eating experience and the time travel above everything. Perhaps my problem was ordering the tagliata (the cut: usually sirloin) and not focusing on the bistecca (t-bone) experience. I was lured in to the lardo wrapped sirloin- can you blame me?

Overall, this place is amazing and I think it is worth at least one (or more) visits in Florence.

Address: Viale Don Giovanni Minzoni, 10R, 50129 Florence (Zone: Piazza Liberta’)
Phone: 055 588226

Until we “meet” again,

The Curious Appetite

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