A stone’s throw from Ponte Vecchio! The best pastries you will probably find in the whole area. Most eating near Ponte Vecchio is sad. Alas, no more!

In my first post “Insider Tips for Eating in Florence” from the series “What Giulio Says”, I mentioned a rockin’ bakery/pastry shop Caffe Neri in the Castello area of Florence, well Sesto Fiorentino to be more precise. Admittedly, this bakery while fantastic, artisan and lead by one of the best bakers in the region (Simone Bellesi) is quite far for the average tourist. Even though I am a firm supporter of getting out of the historical center, that may not be a realistic goal for most people especially if they are only here for a few days.

My friends, if I may address you that way, Caffe Neri and their mounds of sugary gold have now arrived in the center of Florence. Just off the Ponte Vecchio. Sandwiched between the worst food shops in the area, is a glimmer of gold. Caffe Neri is now in the center of Florence! You need not venture out to Castello to savor in this sweet decadence.

Please note: They do not have a real coffee machine. They have one of those plastic automatic machines. I guess you can’t have everything, right?


The award-winning Schiacciata all Fiorentina and Chantilly Cream
neri mini tarts
mini-tartlets of pancreatic doom
A perfect place to pick up a cake before a dinner or to take and enjoy at the concrete lawn on Palazzo Pitti with something cheesy like a Fabio and Prosecco. Gag.


Address: Caffe Neri, Via dei Guicciardini 3/5R Florence

You’re welcome (and apologies to any pancreas who will be victim to this new sugar rich find),

The Curious Appetite

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