Rum and Lime on the left, Negroni on the right and an awesome barman lurking in the back

Ah! Yes! The craft bar scene is finally making a decent presence in Florence! Since I moved in 2012, I have noticed craft brew pubs pop up and that made my Seattle soul glimmer with hope. Hope in that this over-termed “Renaissance Pearl” is getting with the times. In Seattle, I was constantly charmed by craft cocktail spots like Canon Seattle and Knee High Stocking Co. and that love affair with bitter imbibements came to a screeching halt when I arrived in Florence. I missed my bitter old man drinks for my tortured gluttonous soul. Little by little, I discovered bitter bars but only to be heartbroken when one of my favorites (THE Bitterbar, where I actually practiced performing a wedding at) closed their doors to a likewise closed city of Chianti sluggers. Florentines have their habitual ways and it has been my observation that they are not very warm to anything beyond the ordinary. Unless they are the artsy, hipster type. Even then, these kids got lots to learn about living “avant-guarde.” Pardon the extremely opinionated banter, I warned you of my bitter old man ways.

Originally, I surrendered to Florence being void of most vintage drink bars, craft watering holes. That I would have to save my pennies for jaunts to Rome, Milan and Turin to experience a more vibrant (and updated) drinking culture. Alas no more! Along with a crowd of bars I’ve recently been spending way too much time at- I’ve found another gem. Lo Sverso is a diamond in the Florentine rough. Opened merely a month ago, they are providing unique drinks, artisan beers on draft and healthy fresh bites.

I quite appreciate that you can get a healthy salad instead of the usual heavy salumi ridden panini and charcuterie boards. The staff informs me they source as much as they can locally and organically. They have the tasty stuff too for you meat and cheese lovers, it’s just nice to have a mix.

House-made syrups which go into their craft concoctions- including a yummy rosemary syrup…and a weird smoked tea syrup!
Artisan beers from various regions of Italy on draft- and half-pints avail too…plus
And of course, vintage cocktails.

The staff are incredibly nice. Super enthusiastic and young.  This is also a sprig of hope in the anti-crisis movement in Italy. I can’t emphasis enough how much I respect (and appreciate) young entrepreneurs in Italy, bravely starting up small businesses and sticking around despite all the gloom and doom written on the walls. And not to mention, those who are breaking the mold and providing fantastic products, culture and service. Words expressing gratitude are exploding in my head too fast for me to type them out.

One of the barman sat me down and broke down all the syrups they make in house, including a basil syrup (yum!), strawberry, rosemary and a unique smoked tea infused syrup.

The menu lists their house cocktails and gives the historical background to each one, with curious cultural anecdotes. The barman is also an incredible wealth of info. And they are all really nice! In Florence! It’s happening, it’s happening! A nicer, modern Florence.

Please visit: Lo Sverso Florence, Italy Via Panicale 7/9 (San Lorenzo)

…And come drink with me on an Aperitivo Tour in Florence!

In your anti-prohibitionist spirit,

The Curious Appetite

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