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Vogue’s Fashion Night Out is basically the night where I realize how much I am not “with it,” my outfits probably make no sense and that I should eat rice cakes and fat free yogurt for the rest of my life. It also painfully reminds me how much I cannot wear heals and how Florentines put the icing on the glitz and glamour cake. I may sound like an embittered Daria, but let’s face it- Italians and their well-dressed immaculate put-togetherness makes us question our outwardly presented existence. Unless you are one of those people who moved here and learned how to emulate the well-dressed gods who grace these Renaissance streets, you probably know exactly what I am talking about. To be diplomatic at best, it is a night filled with flashy events, openings and shows, albeit shoving along the jam packed boulevards getting from one palazzo to the next.

They say if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. If you will be in Florence on the evening that is most heinous next to Valentine’s Day, reminding you of various failures in your romantic life along with your fashion collection, I recommend to check out a couple swanky food and drink events to help buffer the blow of not being a size negative 2 in killer heels with Caffe Florian.

Caffe Florian will be hosting a special futuristic-themed evening in collaboration with Loretta Caponi, artisan of one-of-akind hand-embroidered garments. The evening will start with an Aperitivo which is open to the public and saunter into a classy dinner with cocktail pairings from Florian’s craft bar (which is one of my latest favs). Futuristic, you ask? The evening is themed “futuristic” as a node to Italy’s Modern “Avant-garde” art movement from the 1909 which lingered into the 30’s. In drink, this was when cocktails started to trend, liqueur makers began to experiment and mixology was taking hold.

the bar at Caffe Florian

Event Details:

Open House Aperitivo at Loretta Caponi’s boutique, located in Piazza degli Antinori. The aperitivo will be curated by Caffe Florian, a special craft cocktail lounge experimenting with spirit infusions and old fashioned recipes such as spicy twists on the classic Negroni, bacon bourbon (super trendy, I know) and dill infused tequila. The aperitivo will include prosecco and wines selected by Florian, a couple craft libations such as a barrel aged Milano-Torino (Campari and Punt e Mes), a boozy cedrata along with a thoughtful selection of finger foods. Details: Open to the public, cost per drink varies. Address: Piazza degli Antinori, 4-red, 50123 Florence, Italy

Then off to dinner!

Dinner and Mixology: The luxury restaurant Florian Firenze will be serving an elaborate full-course dinner in style. The courses will be paired with vintage cocktails and developed inventively, playing with non-traditional cuisine that is themed after the futuristic movement that changed the rules of Italian art, literature, cuisine and mixology. The menu is a bit speakeasy and geared for the adventurous as the masterminds behind the evening have decided to keep wraps on the nitty gritty details. The gastronomic event includes 2 rounds of appetizers with touches such as buffalo milk mozzarella and wild boar, inventive first courses such as a molecular risotto, futuristic meat cylinders with 11 types of vegetables involved, all paired uniquely with craft cocktails and finishing with dessert and coffee.  However, what I can say is that the courses will be based on a game of flavors, juxtapositions between sweet and savory, warm and cool, contrasting molecular textures paired spot on with tabù artisan cocktails. Details: Contact for additional dinner details and cost. Location: Caffe Florian Firenze Via di Parione, 32, Florence, Italy

(credits: Florian website)

Want to be an adventurous diner on the 17th? Come join my table! Contact me to reserve a spot along with more details, which I will be able to release to private inquiries.

To the fabulous life,

Curious Appetite

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