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Why hello! Long time no peeps, tweets or posts. Well, not so true. I blurt out things here and there whether it’s a recipe or an event, but I’ve been quiet on the food and drink “digest” front for many reasons and one of them was working really hard on some freelance articles, such as a recent piece I wrote for

Read on: Florence’s Revival of Craft Cocktails

In addition to starting to write for awesome publications like Eater, I’ve been busy with hunting down the latest and best in food and drink, leading tours, “researching” and following my curiosity down the rabbit hole. A most fulfilling development is that I’ve been taking private wine lessons with one the most revered sommeliers/wine professionals in the industry. I have so many ideas for new posts such as digesting these wine lessons with food pairing ideas, creating new food and drink lists and experimenting more in the kitchen. Alas, my brain is on the edge of being toasted.

I’ve been hibernating, exploring and in a continuous pursuit to deepen my understanding of the world of food and drink. I wonder if readers realize how much work bloggers/writers put into their content. I myself spend much time reading, talking with professionals, busting contradictions, questioning everything I hear and already “know”, cross referencing, being humiliated, going back to the drawing board and starting all over again. There is an endless world to know about, and I realize the word “expert” doesn’t really mean anything unless you’re Einstein. I think passion and curiosity goes a long way, and a willingness to be humiliated and to accept when you’re wrong.

Stay tuned, my curiosity and authentic passion which has been driving me for the last 10 years throughout Italy will be back in gear soon. In the meantime, follow me on instagram for live updates and quick snack digestions.


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