I started this Curious Appetite blog in 2010 and I kept up a blog ever since I started traveling in 2005, when I moved to London as a young lucky/idiot/genius.

I couldn’t even keep my eyes open for a photo! At least the London Bridge was awake.

I say idiot because I went to London with an embarrassing amount of money and nothing more than a temporary work visa. I was also an idiot because apparently I was invincible and money would just come out of nowhere to pay for anything bigger than a rat infested closet. Lucky because after 3 weeks of living off energy bars I filled my suitcase with before leaving, I found a couple pretty sweet jobs. Genius because after my working holiday had ended, I came to Florence on whim. It was here, on top of the Duomo, that I decided- I wanted live here one day. And I said to myself: Let’s make it happen.

And I blame this lady for suggesting we go to Florence. All her fault.

So for the last ten years, I have invested sweat and tears into learning the language, majoring in Italian studies, fine tuning my expertise on food and drinks on any occasion possible, applying for Italian citizenship, living on a shoestring so I could invest in various educational/vocational endeavors and then to eventually to make the jump to come and live out my dream in 2012.  I didn’t just show up with everything handed to me on a silver platter and then magically met some Fabio on a vespa with a well-to-do family to take me in. I don’t mean to say this on a high horse beating my chest I am independent woman hear me roar! I mean it as a not so rosy reminder that I was just a young idiot who followed the travel bug down the rabbit hole and here I am, a genius because somehow I managed to make it all happen. And lucky because I have had the sheer serendipity to meet certain people and opportunities which have helped tremendously along the way. Despite some family and friends back home still in utter confusion as to what I do and where I am. I’m pretty sure they are all convinced I’m a wandering nomad/man-hater/bra burning liberal just having a time in Europe while living off of wine that magically appears out of nowhere.

So in case if you, family or friends are still confused about what I do and how I manage to live, part of my profession is now writing.

I started to write for Eater, which has been one of my favorite go-to publications for all things food and drink. This week is their annual Eater Cocktail Week and for the occasion, I contributed the following piece:

Where to Drink Cocktails in Florence, Italy

Take a look! And if you happen to find yourself in Florence, come take an aperitivo cocktail tour. Contact me for more info!

In your lushery,

Curious Appetite

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1 Comment on Florence represented in Eater Cocktail Week 2015

  1. Ileana
    October 16, 2015 at 3:39 am (9 years ago)

    Curious Appetite, absolutely love the blog. Found it via Girl in Florence’s blog, which is another favorite. I was just in Florence last month and found the inspiration to finally start my own food blog I’ve been thinking about doing for years. If I visit again soon will definitely have to try the cocktail places you curated which look amazing!


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