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Man oh man, it’s been a painful few months knowing I had a very popular/read post just dying to be updated. Mostly, I wanted to update my article on Aperitivo in Florence because there were some spots that have gone horribly downhill and it took some personal visits to realize horrifically how disgusting they were in both terms of service and quality. It’s a real bummer when recommendations get outdated, usually due to a rise in popularity, If people catch on to a good place in Florence, it usually doesn’t stay secret for long (which should usually be a good thing!) Unless locales are prepared for the increased volume, they usually can’t keep up with providing consistent quality and service.

Here is the link to my updated post:

Aperitivo in Florence- a round-up

And while I was at it, I realized the article I wrote on Where to Eat in San Niccolo (the area near Piazzale Michelangelo) was also a bit outdated so I cleaned it up, with a realization that most places in that area suck. Florence, what is wrong with you?! (Sometimes)

Okay, for those of you who live here or know the food scene really well- you may be wondering why I do not mention Zeb Gastronomia, which in theory serves obnoxiously spot-on gourmet fare. Let’s just say that I have my reasons and they are mostly out of principle and certain attitudes the owners have expressed to me regarding foreigners which will keep me from going there again- until I get over it. In the meantime- more wine please! That’ll help all the forgetting;)

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