I’ve been a bit busy back in my homeland of America but I wanted to share the latest piece I wrote for Eater.com before 2015 said ciao and closed its doors on existence for eternity.

To explain: This assignment was to list 10 “new” restaurants in Florence who had opened in the last year (I must admit, there was one that opened exactly a year ago in December 2014 but it was too good not to list) or ones where the chef had changed in the last year.

In researching this piece in a city ruled by saltless bread and ribollita, I realize that Florence is indeed becoming a very exciting place in Italy in the modern food and drink arena. It’s still got loads of way to go but I think in a few years, it will be like a little big metropolis for eating and drinking well.

Anyone wanna bet on it?

Here is a handy heat map for hot new restaurants of 2015 I wrote for Eater.com:

The 10 Hottest Restaurants in Florence, Italy Right Now

I’m lucky to be surrounded by tasteful fellow writers like Lost in Florence and Girl in Florence who are also incredible resources for food and drink in the city (not to mention great snacking/drinking buddies!) I can’t wait to eat around Florence and find new hotspots to share with you all in this already productive 2016.

Any thoughts? Share along!

In your quest for a food filled 2016,

Curious Appetite

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