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Hey guys! Just wanted to share a new piece I composed for Vogue- It’s about the wonderful lesser-sung piece of the Oltrarno, Borgo San Frediano! Here is the link: A Guide to Florence’s Under-the-Radar Bohemian Borough

One thing to add, especially for you tripe enthusiasts out there, is that San Frediano was the quarter where wholesale mongers of tripe staked their claim, responsible for its boiling. processing and cleaning which was then sold by the kilo, along with its prized broth to homecooks and workers of the area. So this is sort of the home to tripe and lampredotto hustling in Florence.

A note on Gesto, meaning “Gesture” in Italian: When I wrote that it’s a concept venue, it’s nodding to their ethos on reducing impact through sustainable practices. Orders are taken on re-usable chalkboards (in lieu of paper pads), the spaces utilizes green energy, compostable products/wares, water reducing techniques and of course sources great ingredients.

Thoughts to share? Would love to hear them!

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