creative “comfort spaghetti” at Essenziale, one of my top new picks in Florence right now (2017)

I recently wrote a curated list for the latest, “hottest” openings and best new restaurants in Florence for Eater, one of the most respected food media outlets based in the states.

Article here:

The 10 Hottest New Restaurants in Florence, Italy 

When I started this blog in early 2010, I had no clue how it “worked.” Before 2010, I kept other travel blogs, including myspace when I lived in London in 2005, said blogs now obsolete. I kept them because I’ve been a perpetual living-abroader for 12+ years now and blogging was a way to keep my friends and family updated back home.

My last semester at University was spent in Rome, on a study abroad program titled “The Anthropology and Politics of Food” and I detailed that experience, plus more personal posts here on “Foodie on a Vespa.” 

I had no clue nor strategy. I just wanted a way to ramble and journal, making entries I wasn’t embarrassed if read. I had a few really loyal friends as readers with amazing attention spans and immense patience.

I started Curious Appetite in 2010 upon my return to Seattle after WWOOF’ing (volunteering) on a farm in Puglia and completing the aforementioned food-specific study abroad program in Rome. I wanted to write about Italian food in Seattle and share a recipe here and there. It was just a hobby (and still is!) Ask anyone who knows me even since I was small, and they will tell you I’ve always been obsessed about food. I wanted an outlet and secretly, I (shortly) had the dream to become a food critic. One of my biggest inspirations is and has always been Ruth Reichl.

My dream ultimately was to do something meaningful with my passion for food and Italy, and it is moments like these where I really pinch myself. I’m doing it! I’m writing about food and food is my job! While not exactly a food critic, I do get to participate in it occasionally, like when I write for publications like Eater and Vogue outside this blog.

Since blogging started out as a pure hobby, with no strategy or clue of its potential, I still treat it as such. I do feel I have worked hard to gain some training to compliment my obsession, and not only academically- I’ve worked in food & drink in some capacity or another ever since I was old enough to work.

Um, who wouldn’t like gin-spiked juniper berry ragu and pici? Another pick- from Ditta Artigianale’s new Oltrarno location

At the end of the day, I want to contribute to the food world even if in a tiny way. When someone tells me they had a great meal thanks to one of my recommendations or now are more discerning when they purchase Italian products outside Italy after taking one of my culinary tours, my heart soars. I want to celebrate all the people in it who care too, which is why I get really excited when I come across fantastic food & drink people- whether purveyors or other communicators.

another pick- Koto Ramen

While food is all subjective, we all have different tastes, I hope that you trust mine.

In your food loving trust,

Curious Appetite

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