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I’m currently traveling and a lot of new posts are brewing in this food obsessed brain of mine. I will be pouring over them once I return, stay tuned! In the meantime I wanted to share a past article I did for Vice Munchies, inspired by my last trip to NYC this past December 2016 (f*** is it Spring already?!)

I caught up with Rapper/Star of Viceland’s TV show F*** that’s Delicious, Meyhem Lauren to get a taste of Queens, NYC:

Eating around Queens (NYC) with rapper Meyhem Lauren

I will admit, that up until last year I’d never been to NYC. Part of it is being from the West Coast (i.e. distance) and the other part seems to be pure laziness. The irony of going to NYC for the first time from Europe still baffles me.

Big thanks to rad Meyhem Lauren for making time for me, it just goes to show that there are humble successful people out there who are generous with their time.

If you don’t know who Meyhem is (yet), check out Vice’s series F*** that’s delicious on Viceland. I pretty much fell for that show thanks to Meyhem’s fab humor and of course all the delicious things they eat around the world (including a spot they did in Rome last summer!)

Another note I wanted to add about the piece, is I wanted to highlight immigrants in America and basically it is thanks to them/us (we are all children of immigrants in the US) that we have great food and not to mention any trace of culture. Food is culture and food is love. Life would be bland without diversity- and who really wants that?

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