Curious Appetite is at it again- eating way too much for the sake of important journalism! Hey, it’s a hard job but someone has got to do it!

This was one of my favorite commissions yet, not to mention one of the proudest moments in my career. While I mostly rag on Florence’s dining scene, I definitely come to her defense when people say “A Firenze si mangia male” perche’ e’ troppo turistica” (Food sucks in Florence thanks a lot to mass tourism). Yes, Florence’s tourism problem is getting out of hand and with very haphazard approaches towards addressing it, but there are indeed valid gems still worth eating at near Florence’s major attractions.

Link here for all you curious travelers:

10 of the best restaurants near Florence’s major attractions

For more on Florence’s seemingly insurmountable mass tourism, check out this Italy vs Tourists article on The Florentine via one of my favorite local writers, Alexandra Korey of ArtTrav. Since the dining piece deals with addresses located near major attractions, it only seems relevant to include this food for thought!

I ate Tuscan soup at Antica Mescita in 100* weather for this guide you guys better like it

Going back to my article, there were a few restaurants which I obviously had to leave out because I was forced to only pick 10. Near the Ponte Vecchio I would have added Buca del’ Orafo, Signorvino (only for wine and snacks), Le Volpi e L’Uva, Enoteca Pitti Gola and Ditta Artigianale for hipster fare (is this now a genre?). For Santo Spirito I would have added tons but especially T’Amero pasta bar. And near Santa Croce I would have for sure added one of my top 5 restaurants in the world Club Culinario Toscano da Osvaldo. Near San Niccolo’ was Enoteca Fuori Porta. The list could probably go on- hence the following!

luscious, truffle pasta at Zeb Gastronomia

Looking for more dining inspiration? Check out more guides on my blog and throughout the web such as:

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Where to Eat near the Ponte Vecchio (by one of my dear friends Girl in Florence)

I’m on instagram and all those funny social networks. Usually when I post a restaurant, it’s for a guide as food has officially become my job and my days off revolve around salad and steamed vegetables, plus lots of time on the treadmill. Sexy! Just so you know, I don’t come to a restaurant announced. The exception being if I need to take photos and I’ve already decided  to list them. You can’t charm or comp me for approval as my service to readers and curious eaters!

In your food espionage trust,

Curious Appetite


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