these biscotti will be in this Holiday’s gourmet box- don’t miss out!

Hi readers! As you may have read before, I curate a super sweet food delivery service in collaboration with a specialty market larder in Florence. I’ve termed it the Florentine Gourmet Club and it’s a hand-picked box of gourmet Italian ingredients sent from Florence to your doorstep. Ingredients include, but are not limited to: EV Olive Oil, farmstead pecorino cheeses & parmigiano-reggiano, aged balsamic vinegars, truffle salts & honey, biscotti, specialty Italian roasted coffee, Bronte pistachio paste and loads more! Depending on the level you subscribe to, each box contains a minimum of 5-15 specialty products with a recipe developed by a local food journalist, ribbon-wrapped curious fact sheets, a designed tote bag and various personalized touches. 

Every season we have a theme, last season was dried tomatoes and capers along with the base products and we accompany a recipe for each seasonal highlight. This season we are sending dried funghi porcini and a recipe for a wild mushroom risotto from the Maremma zone of Tuscany. Aged cheese & olive oil are included, too:)

this season’s recipe is a funghi porcini risotto from the Southern Tuscan Maremma.

Our box is very personalized, it comes with a fact sheet detailing all the foods in the box along with historical anecdotes & suggested culinary applications. The gourmet club is a way to continue your culinary adventure in Italy with fine, small-batch produced specialties while being on the other side of the ocean. I developed this idea with sending the boxes primarily to Americans who have a tough time finding quality specialty Italian ingredients from teeny tiny artisanal producers. The boxes are also available to Australia, New Zealand and virtually any other country- but there may be higher shipping costs and limits on what we can send, i.e. cheeses, whole truffles, bulk spices, etc.

The prices vary depending on level, you can read all about the club’s details HERE and review costs via our quick info flyer HERE. The quotes for Levels 2 & 3 INCLUDE shipping costs (to the USA) and Level 1 has a 25eu surcharge for shipping. I think the best value is the Level 2 as it includes shipping and is a reasonable cost (245eu) but Level 3 (495eu) is definitely the best for serious food lover’s & cooks as it includes prized specialties such as pure Bronte pistachio paste, whole truffles, white truffle paste, 2 types of EV Olive Oil and more variety of aged balsamic vinegars.

umami heaven in our food box with aged cheeses & balsamic vinegars

If you’re interested in the gourmet box to arrive by December 25th, I’d suggest ordering by December 10th or the very very latest: December 17th. We take orders & send out weekly, but the order cut-off is Sunday night of every week for boxes to go out by Wednesday. Delivery time is one week max but our current members have said they’ve received their boxes as quickly as 2days after we sent them out! This applies especially for those on the East Coast.

We’ve had great feedback so far, including media shout-outs from respected local writers such as Elizabeth Minchilli in Rome and Girl in Florence and this would be a very special gift for your food & Florence loving friend or family member. I am biased of course, but I’m extremely thrilled with this little gourmet gift box which promotes genuine flavors & specialty ingredients from Italy. I hope to share it with more curious appetites!

Also, we offer discounts & reduce shipping costs for multiple boxes to the same address so let me know in the order form. If you’d like to get a Holiday Gourmet Box in time for gift giving festivities, please order ASAP! We can bespoke a box as well according to your wishes. If you have any questions, please leave them in the message box, too!

p.s. don’t forget we have a Negroni gift box too for cocktail enthusiasts. All about the Negroni club HERE.

Don’t miss your chance for snagging one of the highest quality food gift boxes on the planet!

In your gourmet club trust,

Curious Appetite

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