Franco Pepe’s “scarpetta” cheese and tomato enthusiasts- enthuse!

Hello everyone! Let’s get down to business- I promised some updates so no funny stuff!

First, I wanted to share a few of my latest clips on the internet. It may seem like I only write about pizza and gelato- but is there anything else worth writing about? (Okay, maybe pasta)

I also wanted to invite you to an upcoming an Italian pop-up on July 15th at 5pm I’m curating along with Dinner Italiano in San Francisco! Details all coming up!

Check out my latest on The Guardian on reviewing Franco Pepe which follows a guide for 10 of the best pizzerias in Naples. Franco Pepe of destination pizzeria Pepe in Grani in Caiazzo is considered the pioneer of new wave/gourmet pizza in Italy- and those buzzwords no not seem to give these glorious pies due justice. You just gotta go!

terrace views
cauldron of quite possibly the best pizza dough on the planet
wood for breathing

Not a gelato expert- yet? Brush up on my tips for spotting quality gelato for Eat Sip Trip (apart of the USA Today Network) while sussing out mediocre and industrial gelato in Florence.

Want to be taken straight to the best gelaterias in Florence? I made a list for 5 exceptional gelato shops in Florence for traditional classic joints uncompromised for quality all concentrated in the disneyland otherwise known as the historical center of Florence. Now you may be on the verge of a stage 4 meltdown of why I didn’t include your favorite scoop- but have no fear! An even more comprehensive listicle is here! And still don’t see it? Sometimes we save the top secret places for my curated gelato stroll, tickets here!

And sometimes, we just keep some places a secret;)

Now- on to the Negroni Pop-Up!

In San Francisco there is a cool platform called Eat Feastly which allow chefs, cooks, somms and such to operate pop-ups. Last time I was in SF I attended one by Komaaj, who is the brother of a dear friend of mine in Florence and now again I’ve seemed to find a new Florence connection in SF. On July 15th, I’ll be joining Dinner Italiano for a fancy Apericena/Finger food and Negroni night- info, menu and tickets HERE. I’ll be making Negroni and pouring prosecco for thirsty guests and bringing a piece of my food & drink tours in Florence to San Francisco. I’ll be curating the drink portion while giving a crash course in Negroni (how-to, its history, etc). Snacks included but not limited to include fried polenta and caponata crostini, meataballsa, pizza snacks like coccoli and schiacciata with salame and more! Menu listed in the link above for all the sfizi fanciful details.

I went to one of their normal dinner pop-ups (san negroni) and this is a little taste of their elevated culinary know-how:

savory gourmet cannoli snacks
bombolone w/ my name on it
octopus- fresh, tender and zingy salad
ravioli with rabbit!

Worth mentioning is one of the chefs of Dinner Italiano, Riccardo Menicucci, is from Florence (small world!), the other, Alessandro Damiani, from Bari (Puglia) and so the tapas dinner will have a distinct focus on Florentine & Tuscan cuisine with Southern Italian flair, with me and the chefs curating food & drink in how they pertain to the Florentine and Tuscan repertoire. So if you can’t make it to one of my food tours in Florence, but are in San Francisco- join me and Dinner Italiano for a social night of snacks, prosecco and craft Negroni.

And psssssstttt!!!! I scored a promocode limited to just a handful of my readers for $5 off the ticket cost- use NEGRONI at check-out to redeem

Any questions about the pop-up? Feel free to comment or e-mail me for more details! coral(at)

In your Negroni trust,

Curious Appetite

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