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Unless you will be munching with your family or friend’s family on Easter Sunday (Pasqua) and Monday (Pasquetta) in Florence, then you might find this post useful. If you happen to be going to someone’s home for Easter, don’t forget to pick up a chocolate egg- preferably from Vestri in Piazza Salvemini or Urzi on Via Gioberti if at all possible. For colomba cakes, buy from a quality bakery. You can never have too much cake or chocolate on Easter, right?

Not all restaurants in Florence are closed on Pasqua or Pasquetta, in fact some of them drum up really special menus for the occasion. And not all will have special Easter menus- but are still worth the meal if you happen to be in Florence during Easter holidays

grilled lamb at Trattoria Cammillo (I love Cammillo)

Here are 10+ ideas for where to eat in Florence on Easter worth considering for your Easter Sunday and/or Monday meal. Plus links to dining outside Florence and other recipes

Also- since Pasqua and Pasquetta fall on Sunday and Monday- try this guide I built for restaurants in Florence open Sunday and Monday– call to make sure they are open when reserving. There are some spots open on Easter Sunday’s progressive dining crawl if you’d like to partake in something social with a curated menu with festive specialties so you don’t have to make any decisions. Plus an expert guide and sommelier to explain everything along the way.

One of the dining areas of Osteria dell’Enoteca,

The following include a top 10 list of sure fire bets plus add-ons as this guide gets updated annually (first written in 2017, but I republished in 2023 as to not confuse people on the date in URL). As always, keep in mind this is a free blog (no money is made via ads) and my paid work takes precedence so there might be typos, funny formatting, some labor you’ll need to do on your own (i.e. google’ing the unlinked leads) and outdated photos. Also, Italian restaurants make me cry with the treasure hunt that it is to find the right website link or updated/regularly active social media profiles.

I know that sounds really bad, but I’m only one person (of the human sort) with only so many hours in the day. I’d hope people would appreciate this is all done in my free time. I’m sure you may think “pay someone to do it” but that isn’t easy (finding people with the free time themselves).

And frankly, not a good use of funds to pay someone to update a personal blog when we really should be grateful for donated info (just have to sift through some messiness) where much of it is getting protected behind a paywall. Hope you enjoyed my TedTalk, here’s the SEO tea you came for:

Osteria dell’Enoteca- The crew from Enoteca Pitti Gola and Cantina, aka the wine bar with the longest name ever, has a whole Osteria in the former Santo Graal space on Via Romana and it’s delectable. Most of all, their wine list is superb. Juicy grilled steaks, perfect roast potatoes, soups, charcuterie, fresh pastas in a swanky chic setting is what you can expect. Open also on Pasquetta (Easter Monday)  Address: Via Romana 70R Reserve: Phone: 055 228 6018 or 

Spring savory flan (zucchini and zucchini flowers) “sformatino” at Osteria dell’Enoteca

Club Culinario Toscano da Osvaldo- Club Culinario does straightforward, unpretentious soul food and I think everyone should eat there at least once during their Florence love affair, if not many times. They won’t be doing a fixed menu, but some specials involving lamb for sure. You won’t be able to sleep at night without a portion of their fried beef and potato croquettes. Address: Piazza dei Peruzzi, 3R, Phone: 055-217919

you can’t say you’ve lived without eating these at Club Culinario

Trattoria Cesarino- A simple neighborhood gem in Sant’Ambrogio doing fresh truffle pastas, grilled Florentine steak, Tuscan rustic vegetable soups and delicious appetizers like fried artichokes and cured meat & sheep’s milk cheese plates. No special menu but you can find my review of them here.  Address:  VIA GIOVAN BATTISTA NICCOLINI 16 Phone: +39  055 247 9169 Website:

Il Barrino- Located in a very Florentine quarter of Beccaria, Il Barrino is a cozy casual locals spot for traditional Tuscan with seasonal gourmet twists (think fried pork chops and stuffed artichokes). The have all the staple meaty mains and rustic pastas like pici with ragu or stuffed potato tortelli. Open on Pasquetta Monday only for dinner. Address: Via Gioberti, 71R Phone:055 660565

Culinaria Bistrot-. Head here for seasonal Mediterranean-Tuscan with an emphasis on sustainably sourced local and global ingredients in Piazza Tasso. Wine selections are notable from teeny tiny producers and some natural wines. Open both Sunday and Monday. Address: Piazza Torquato Tasso (Oltrarno), 13R Phone:055 229494 website with menu:

Il Magazzino- One of the best unique yet traditional trattorias in town, and yes they are known for their offal things which you can find detailed here on Vice Munchies by yours truly,  Il Magazzino guarantees a memorable meal even for non-offal enthusiasts in one of Florence’s most darling squares. I can’t seem to find better gnocchi in town than here and their pici pasta is pretty tasty too. They won’t be doing a special menu but will have a couple Pasqua themed items off the menu. Address: Piazza della Passera, 2-3 Phone:055 215969

Artichokes and baccala’ al cacio e pepe at Essenziale

Essenziale- Chef Simone Cipriani runs a culinary hotspot in Piazza Cestello (Oltrarno) where textures and flavors play with memories of classic foods. Perfect if creative small plate cuisine is your jam made by hipster chefs into fermentation. Pasquetta Monday will be closed. Address: Piazza di Cestello, 3R Phone: 055 247 6956 (open Easter Sunday) Website: 

T’Amero Pasta Bar-  Trendy fresh pasta bar in the heart of Piazza Santo Spirito (sit outside if weather is nice) This space is in a former garage workshop with eclectic local art. Ideal for those just wanting to crush some pasta with a couple spritzes in the square. Address: Piazza Santo Spirito, 11r Phone:055 282596

Trattoria Cibreo <3

Cibreo- For serious culinarians. While they don’t have a special menu, rest assured that most things are reliably delicious and made with quality intent. The philosophy is Tuscan soul food, so expect something hearty but with classic service to match. All Cibreo branded eateries on the Via De’ Macci/Sant’Ambrogio corridor will be open (the trattoria, ristorante and the cafe’.) I personally would go for the caffe for the people watching value, the trattoria for simplicity and Teatro del Sale for the experience. Address: Via Andrea del Verrocchio, 8r (well, just for the Ristorante.) Phone:055 234 1100 CLOSED MONDAY

Trattoria Cammillo off of Piazza della Passera, this neat Trattoria is pretty high up in my top 10 favorite restaurants in Florence. You can read my review here. I consider this an iconic family-run trattoria with an emphasis on service and ambiance. The dishes (i.e. ribollita, grilled steak and wild boar ragu’ rich pastas) here are true to the Tuscan culinary repertoire with some comfort food classics from neighboring regions such as Bologna’s tortellini al brodo. If you are hankering for a traditional meal, and not particularly fussed with it being wholly festive in honor of Easter or Pasquetta, Cammillo is a solid choice. Phone: 055 212427

Bonus Tip: Il Santo Bevitore will be open too on both days. Lovely ambiance, decent food, small plates kind of modern wine bar type of restaurant. Address: Via di Santo Spirito, 64/66 r, Phone: 055 211264

Here are some add-on picks as this guide gets updated annually: 

Massimo Bottura’s Osteria at Gucci Garden (open both Sunday and Monday- tasting menu avail), Bottega Conviviale (Monday closed at lunch but open lunch & dinner on Easter) and Ristorante Tehran for authentic Persian food in the center in case you’re craving international flavor as well as Ararat (Georgian and Armenian fare).

Trattoria Cesarino always a guarantee as an opening on a holiday or Sundays (review here)

Signorvino wine shop with a nothing special restaurant but consistent that gives Eataly vibes, Coquinarius for simple wine bistro fare (boards and gourmet pastas, namely) a stone’s throw from the Duomo with a delightful wine selection, Osteria de’ Pazzi- fun and simple osteria (non-fussy traditional) near Santa Croce (closed at pasquetta),

Trattoria Sergio Gozzi- This iconic gem in San Lorenzo will be open for dinner on Pasquetta (closed on Easter!), Buca dell’Orafo- one of my favorite underground restaurants off the Ponte Vecchio (closed at lunch on Pasquetta), Il Locale for swank craft cocktails and modernist dining amongst frescoes in a former Medici palace, Zeb for some of the best damn pasta of your life in San Niccolo’, Largo 9 in case you’re craving a pizza pie near Sant’Ambrogio.

There might be wineries and agriturismi doing Easter lunches but that would be a whole other set of calls and research I sadly don’t have time for this year for the (free) blog. Try this article (in Italian) for nuggets!

The Florentine wrote a useful post of where to order in for Easter when restaurants couldn’t be open due to lingering covid restrictions: Might have more nuggets in there, too!

Again, call and book ahead for anything listed and I for the love of your palate please don’t wait till the last minute

In your Easter feasting,

Curious Appetite

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Buona Pasqua a tutti!

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