News from Curious Appetite

  Sep 28, 2014   Seattle
Hey Seattle- news from Curious Appetite involves getting social all up in the internet here, food tours, wine tours and cooking events!  Read more…

Staple and Fancy Mercantile

  Apr 6, 2011   Eating Out in Seattle
Key words to my S&F experience: Lackluster, anti-climatic, lack of depth, disappointing, underwhelming, unconvincing, no detectable levels of Umami, lack of savor, absence of “melt-in-your-mouth” gastro euphoria. And for


  Jan 7, 2011   Brunch, Hole-in-the-wall
One morning, as I was restlessly slept-in, I was feeling spontaneous and felt compelled to venture out for brunch. I urbanspoon’d “brunch” and found this “Nettletown.” I

Other Coast Cafe

  Oct 7, 2010   Seattle
I have to preface this posting with the fact I dooped myself by just entertaining the concept of this place. I am pretty unconvinced of