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Cicchetti Seattle: Tasty Mediterranean Food

Cantinetta in Seattle. Italian Food with style

I am a few months into my hiatus from my adopted home that is Florence.  Unquestionably, one of my top activities while “home” is to go out to eat and catch up with friends. I have no idea why, but they usually shy away from suggesting we go out for Italian food. This is pretty ironic considering that I obviously love Italian food but also that I am a food blogger- there has to be the good stuff out there! Besides that, they are right but for different reason. Continue Reading

5 places in Seattle to get (my) Aperitivo fix

For those of you who have not traveled to Italy and/or a first time reader of this blog- secondo me (according to me;) one of the best inventions Italians have ever made in food and drink history is the art of Aperitivo. I originally touched on it in my aperitivo in Florence round-up and now I’m seeking it out in Seattle.

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Thoughts on Italian Food in Seattle

When I meet fellow writers, bloggers, foodies, chefs and anyone with a fine tuned palate for real food and wine, we inevitably end up talking about Italian Food. I completed my B.A. in Italian Studies and traveled extensively throughout Italy with priceless and precious gastronomic memories, which I detailed heavily in this blog. I didn’t just travel as a tourist, I lived there playing the role of a transient local. So when I get to discussing my blog and how I am heavily critical of Italian restaurants in Seattle, the next question folks ask me is: “So what is your favorite spot to grab Italian food?”
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