Tuscany is surprising me a lot recently, the moment I declare “this region is stuck in the past”, I soon after eat my words. Most recent consumption of minced words was at the re-opening of Luigi Pecci Centre for Contemporary Art aka Centro Pecci in Prato. The Pecci has been around for quite some time, since 1988 to be exact and has been a unique hub for collecting contemporary art.

Local English-language newspaper The Florentine covered the opening best. As quoted from a recent feature: “The Pecci was the first institution in Italy to be built from scratch with the specific intent to exhibit, collect, preserve, document and distribute research on contemporary art.”

This October, they unveiled their completed architectural spaceship-like renovation 10 years in the making and 14.4 million euros later. Thanks to the buzz in the local media surrounding Centro Pecci’s re-opening, I’m sure Prato will be getting a little more visitors. Continue Reading