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Where to eat in Florence on Christmas Day (2016)

photo credit: Silvio Palladino photo credit:[/caption%5D

I’ve received some e-mails for restaurant suggestions for Christmas day, and I volunteered that I’d make a list post on the matter. I should preface that I am currently in NYC and have been for several days so finding this info hasn’t been easy, calling restaurants at odd hours and makeshift signal service asking the same question “are you open Christmas day?” So please bear with the results I’ve found and I’ll add more once I return to my dear Italian soil.  Continue Reading

Where to eat near the Uffizi Gallery (Florence, Italy)

If you take a right, you’ll be on one of Florence’s tastiest foodie alleys

It is not impossible to eat well in the historical center of Florence, even near the most crowded attractions such as the Uffizi gallery. And I promise, after the traumatic ordeal with the lines, selfie sticks, insulting poster replicas lining the stone walkways, and smacked with an overdose of indescribable art- you’re going to need a treat. And possibly a drink. Continue Reading

A Quick Guide to Food Pairing with Italian Prosecco

Bubbly and Food Pairing in Florence

I’m not one for resolutions for the New Year, especially when it comes to eating and drinking. It’s all about moderation! I did a no-booze January once in my life and that was plenty, marked that one off the bucket list. I do envision goals and one of them for this year is to share some of my passion for food and wine pairing with readers of this blog. The worst part about not drinking in January (or not drinking in general) is that food is then left with some uncovered potential. In small quantities, not a whole bottle, wine can really elevate an eating experience. The acidity in the wine, the aromatic nuances, sumptuous savory notes echoed on the palate all help to bring out the best in the food you’re dancing around with. Continue Reading

How to use truffles in the kitchen

truffles. lots of truffles.

Besides just going at it and stuffing your face with these aromatic, umami nuggets of gold- I have a couple ideas for how to use truffles in the kitchen.

Last weekend, I headed over to the truffle festival in San Miniato with Girl in Florence, her hubby-to-be and met up with one of our foodie idols, Emiko Davies. Wow, that’s a lot of name dropping but I must give cred since Emiko and her sommelier master hubby (sounds like a team!) organized a rather decadent day for us and it wouldn’t have been possible without either of them for the truffle-y goods I got my paws on. Continue Reading

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