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A Quick Guide to Food Pairing with Italian Prosecco

Bubbly and Food Pairing in Florence

I’m not one for resolutions for the New Year, especially when it comes to eating and drinking. It’s all about moderation! I did a no-booze January once in my life and that was plenty, marked that one off the bucket list. I do envision goals and one of them for this year is to share some of my passion for food and wine pairing with readers of this blog. The worst part about not drinking in January (or not drinking in general) is that food is then left with some uncovered potential. In small quantities, not a whole bottle, wine can really elevate an eating experience. The acidity in the wine, the aromatic nuances, sumptuous savory notes echoed on the palate all help to bring out the best in the food you’re dancing around with. Continue Reading

{Aperitivo Snack} Fig, Ricotta and Balsamic Crostini

my kind of aperitivo snack

I love figs. I love seasonality and I love food. Italy, is decidedly the best place on earth for all three of those things. What is better than enjoying delicious food and a beautiful country? Despite all the naysayers, trolls and disgruntled people who lament the perils of Italy, I stand firm that Italy is a country worth saving and not giving up on. I am inspired by this every time I bite into something wonderful, such as the luscious figs that started to creep in at the end of summer and sprawling the markets. Continue Reading

Aperitivo Snacks- Mozzarella with Truffle Honey and Pine Nuts

One hope in my gourmet work, is that I promote the revival of some food traditions that are seemingly becoming garbage, such as Aperitivo. Why is it becoming garbage- there are more and more bars boasting Aperitivo more than ever. Precisely!

To me, the concept of Aperitivo is to have a snack and a light appetite-stimulating drink (socially) before dinner. Aperitivo is not dinner and I shun the current wave of “aperi-cena” Continue Reading

Aperitivo Snacks: Gourmet Crostini with Ricotta + Pistachios

I occasionally cook, it is the root of my love affair. Not to suggest I am great in the kitchen, I simply appreciate the work that goes into cooking. And to be frank, if I am paying someone else for that work- it better be worth it.

One of the things I love to make the most when I host people are aperitivo snacks. If you’ve read anything on this blog, you’ve hopefully gathered by now that I’m aperi-obsessed.  I could have a whole dinner just on finger foods and aperitivo snacks. You can be creative and arrange beautiful looking spreads, while creating a social atmosphere around eating.

I invent things mostly on what I think flavors would go together- I like to experiment. A recent experiment brought me these crusty crostini chunks of delight:


Continue Reading

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