Tuscan "Tagliere" platter of artisan meats and cheeses.
Tuscan “Tagliere” platter of artisan meats and cheeses.

My work is a seasoned mix of freelance writing and leading tasting sessions. In private tasting experiences, I have the creative freedom to craft experiences around the social act of eating and drinking in cities I absolutely adore. I find it my duty to connect people to authenticity, craftsmanship, passion and creativity.

In my University days, I was (and still am) very passionate about world food politics and sustainable agriculture. After years of attempting to understand the problems that plague our food-ways and how to solve them, I was brought back to the table. I realized that the change I was looking for, started at the basic fundamentals- and that is being together to taste.

In-depth Gourmet Experiences

On my gourmet experiences, whether private or group, my intention is that you derive inspiration from how food is made and consumed. I also want people to have fun- and be social! The social part of eating I feel is eroding in certain parts of the world. My aim is to create a social and inspiring experience through carefully curated food and wine tastings.

Now that you know my philosophy, I am selective about which tour operators I collaborate with for group tours. They must share my vision for authenticity, quality and enjoyment. If you’re “curious” to take a food and wine tasting experience with me, please send me a note on my contact page.

Writing Assignments

In addition to leading gourmet tours, I am available for writing assignments. With a curious eye for taste, I seek out the best in the dining scene wherever I go. I’m also quite invasive when it comes to learning about the nitty gritty, such as behind the scenes of otherwise highly popular travel activities such as truffle foraging. My first dream job was to be an anonymous food critic. My food writing inspiration, who I deem the “OG” of food criticism, is Ruth Reichl.

If you are interested in a freelance writing collaboration, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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