Thank you for taking interest in my blog! Please be aware that this blog expresses my personal opinions and not of any others. No piece on this website has been paid for or sponsored without explicit notice. I consider invites for blogger tours and events on a case by case basis. If I write about it, it’s because I really found value in the experience.

Terms of use: I work hard to find and vet the places I recommend, and I do it because I really care about helping people enjoy the best of the places I visit and live in. While I would be happy for you to include my recommended bars, restaurants, etc. in your publication, especially if you are an editor or journalist conducting research for a destination listed here, I ask that you cite this blog as the source of the information in your piece, whether in print or online. Furthermore, I reserve the rights to all of my content as intellectual property. Any content which has been copied/taken without explicit, written permission (text, photos, etc) will be subject to legal action as intellectual property theft and copyright infringement.

With all of that being said- happy reading!

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