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Curiously eating in Lisbon, Portugal

Hello you beautiful eyes! I write you, stomach rumbling as I relive these bites in Lisbon, from my tiny desk in Florence after being away since end of June.  The sun has just set on this balmy summer evening. I’m glad I missed out on the sauna that was July 2022 in Italy!

I just returned from a 4 day trip eating & drinking my way through Lisbon and I thought to actually keep my promise FIRST of sharing my picks and finds on the blog BEFORE doing the usual of: making an IG post and then promising one day to put them on the blog. This post has a handy google map (scroll/read for it) with all the places I saved in case you wanted to know where I’d eat & drink in Lisbon, or where other trusted palates recommended! Continue Reading

Deviled eggs and crab caviar snacks for a Happy New Year (2022)


Not so shabby caviar deviled eggs devoured at New Year’s!

Ciao a tutti!

I haven’t written in a while (shocker!) as I’ve been focused heavily on my newsletter, Instagram and trying to figure out TikTok (someone save me) and wondering who is still left here reading.

I decided this time instead of writing a longer on IG, to instead put my creative calories here on the blog. Fair warning, this post has virtually nothing to do with Italy or Italian food, but is instead an update to what I’ve been making and devouring in America. I hope you enjoy the random read! Continue Reading

New food and city crush: London, England

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” – Samuel Johnson

This is a quote my sister once told me and it never quite left my consciousness. Trying to apply it to cities besides London, as I’d like to think there is excitement in just about any corner of the world. But London truly does embody every intention of this phrase, and a reminder in general that we have so much around us to experience. Continue Reading

Bologna! A food lover’s day trip from Florence

@ Atti e Figli, an institutional pasta shop

You don’t need to be in Florence to go to Bologna, and this should be a stand-alone post about why Bologna is a cool city to visit in general. But recently, I’ve been trying to figure out some cool day trips from Florence that are food-related. Continue Reading

Istanbul- the gateway to the culinary world

Travel is the spice of life

Travel is a wonderful gift that curiosity has given the world. Sometimes, I sit back in awe that we have the ability to reach far distances in ever shorter amounts of time. Humans have curiosity, and this curiosity leads to innovation. It is so fascinating to see how the world has evolved and how we play our parts on earth. Continue Reading

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