Between researching stops for my progressive dining tour in Florence and eating out (aka my favorite thing), I have come to find the restaurants in Florence who serve excellent pasta- so I wrote a dining guide all about if for Vogue Magazine.

Here is the link to the article now on Vogue: Where to Find the Best Pasta in Florence

My first job in Italy involved assisting & translating cooking classes. We made fresh pasta during every lesson, taught by a little Italian nonna who didn’t speak English. It was one of the most fulfilling jobs I ever had- I was able to put my Italian language to use which I spent years at University learning plus doing something with my passion for cuisine.

After doing who knows how many lessons and rolling out pasta, making tagliatelle, gnudi and tortelli- I sort of became discerning about my pasta. Now I prefer tagliatelle from paper thin sheets, even if I’m not sure if this is the “right” way. I can’t stand if tagliatelle strands are thick (in height) and I can’t explain how, but I usually can tell when fresh pasta is made in-house or when they have bought it from a industrial pastificio. I love making pasta at home just as much as I love eating pasta. Now on to pursuing an independent career, I still learn pasta secrets from the local culinary experts on the pasta making classes I help arrange.

This is a quick cheat sheet to what I listed, plus the photos which couldn’t fit online
1. Il Magazzino

2. T’Amero

photo credit: Silvio Palladino

3. Il Locale

4. Buca del’Orafo

5. Club Culinario Toscano Da Osvaldo

Umbriacelli with puntarelle and olives

6. Trattoria Cammillo

tagliatelle with lamb ragu’ <3

7. Mercato Centrale (La Pasta Fresca and Il Tartufo)

Photo credit: Federica Di Giovanni


In your pastatarian trust,

Curious Appetite

Hey! I always post tastes when I’m researching pieces- get sneak peaks via my instagram feed! And if you wanna hit up my picks for the best restaurants in town, join my progressive dinner crawl (the original evening/dining food tour in Florence!)

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  1. Lisa Schwarz
    July 29, 2017 at 4:57 am (7 years ago)

    Where did your “Places to Eat Well in Florence during August” Article go?


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