cheese case in Florence Italy

My finger tips have been tick tap typing away these last weeks- and not just for my blog but for other rad publications! Like….VOGUE MAGAZINE! Check out my article for Vogue magazine RIGHT HERE!

This article is by far one of my personal favorites. I have a sweet spot for Via Gioberti (besides my ever elevated blood sugar) and the zone of Beccaria, and this side of town really feels Florentine. It’s where I like to stroll to feel like I’m in Italy because some parts of Florence feel like Disneyland and even the Oltrarno can feel a bit cliche’ (THE hip/trendy/artsy/international quarter.) Don’t get me wrong, I love the Oltrano but that humble Italian sense can still seem lacking there. Italy is this to me: simple, jovial and provincial. And of course, freaking delicious.

It was also a joy to go and speak with the owners of the shops which are the objects of my carb loading affection. It was a reminder of why I get goosebumps thinking about Italy, why I love her unconditionally and the little pleasures living here provides. These people are so passionate along with sweet kindness and curiosity. For a while I hoped these spots always stayed secret, and Florence is a tiny city so really there is no such thing as a secret place or one person who “discovered it first”, so I decided to share what many locals already know to be tasty stops! The shops I listed aren’t full of themselves, they aren’t famous, they don’t have books published in their names and they are simple and down to earth. This is the belly of Italian food culture!

This piece also inspired a BRAND NEW FOOD TOUR IN FLORENCE for the little collection of foodie adventures I lead in Florence. This is the ultimate food lover’s crawl, check it out!

Here are some shots from the piece that didn’t getting published- I reckon Vogue didn’t exactly want to publish a picture of Marco Bolognesi dangling a cooked hunk of cow gut aka lampredotto. Enjoy!

Get to Forno/Panificio Maddaloni for the legit mozzarella di bufala from Battipaglia, Campania
bread with flavor aka salt by the Neapolitan-run Panificio Maddaloni
Cow Teat and Tongue toasts- yum and not yuck I promise

In your everlasting hunger for il bel paese,

Curious Appetite

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